Vuokramökkejä ja aktiviteettejä mantereella

Vimpa island

Relax on a sunny beach
next to a Viking trail

Vimpa Islands offers experiences and activities in a beautiful natural environments on the mainland and on the islands throughout the year. Unforgettable meeting, fishing, nature and adventure trips in Kymenlaakso, Hamina archipelago.

Our kitchen is specialized in manufacturing of seafood and the island's own root vegetables and vegetables delicious meals, including gluten-free.

Also available for rent cottages in the archipelago.

Sea fishing

Spend an unforgettable day fishing in rich sea waters with professional fishing guides. Depending on seasons and weather, we offer spin fishing, traditional nets and ice fishing.

Whether summer or winter, we fish on safe fishing boats and hovercrafts. All equipment provided.

Comfortable meeting rooms in Hamina

Vimpasaari's archipelago area offers an innovative and tranquil setting for corporate meetings in Kymenlaakso area.

We offer multiple rooms, all kinds of activities, sauna, as well as delicious Viking-themed meals. Conference equipment include data projector, screen, flip chart and group work rooms.

Activities in Hamina archipelago

We organise unforgettable trips and experiences in beautiful Finnish nature of Hamina archipelago.

Spend an unforgettable Midsummer's Eve in your own cottage, celebrate a beautiful wedding in gorgeous island atmosphere, enjoy delicious Viking-themed meals and nice company on Christmas. We prepare our meals from fresh local ingredients.

Boat trips in Gulf of Finland

Experience beautifil Hamina archipelago, listen to the sound of seagulls and sea waves, enjoy the day on the sea with experienced sailors. Get acquianted with breathtaking nature and a small fishing village in Tammio.

During the trip you have the possibility to enjoy a delicious fish meal prepared by our cooks or pamper yourself in sauna that is built inside a rock.

Beach Cottages

In Kymenlaakso region

Rakinkotkan ekologinen saari ja viikinkikylä


Eco viking village on a picturesque island

The Rakinkotka Island, with an area of 27 hectares and it is all ours to use. We have built a cosy old-fashioned island village to entertain our customers. A part of the buildings are from the 17th century and a part are built from the island wood, broken by storms. As a building material from outside the island we have used 55 km of ecological heat-treated wood.

The nature of the archipelago is exceptionally diverse and beautiful. In summertime we have lambs and chicken, in spring and summertime we enjoy watching thousands of birds migrate over our island. Our bird-watching tower is in a great location to also admire the picturesque sea view.

We use green energy from sun and wind.

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