Corporate Christmas party

Yule party Viking chieftain Odin’s style

Experience a truly unique Viking-style corporate Christmas party, enjoying the company, the food and the drinks. Relax in a Viking-style boat sauna, warm up in a hot tub on Odin’s terrace and swim in clear Viking waters, even in winter.

For: 10-50 people (request a quote for a bigger group)

Price: for max 15 people 129€ / person (min billing 10-15 people), for 16-50 people 119€ / person.

Example of a Yule party

  • Arrival at Vimpasaari (about a 10-minute drive from Hamina)
  • Viking chieftain Odin’s welcome speech and Yule mulled wine at Vimpa Viking cottage
  • Sauna and hot tub ready; relax in Odin’s boat sauna or wood-heated beach sauna
  • Excellent swimming opportunities in clear sea waters or even ice. Towels provided.

Chieftain Odin’s dinner menu (GF, LF)

  • For starters: speared fish á la Siegrid, salmon smoked on alder wood, Yule herring, mustard herring, wild vegetable salad, country bread, boiled potatoes
  • For main course: axed, slowly cured pork, mustard sauce, Yule beetroot salad, carrot casserole, potato casserole, swede casserole, rye bread
  • For dessert: apple pie with merengue topping (LF, possible GF) with tea and coffee
    • Drink options: our own Viking beer, red and white wine, schnapps, water

Viking drink list

  • foaming honey beer
  • robust tar snifter
  • Harald’s juniper and cranberry Napue shot
  • Odin’s storm in a glass
  • Njord’s schnapps that isn’t afraid of ice
  • Freya’s berry temptation

  • A-license.
  • Viking Yule or Christmas celebration usually began on 21.12 and lasted 12 days. During the celebration people enjoyed good food, drinks and company. The tree was usually decorated with small gifts for tree and vegetation spirits. Oak wreaths with berries were also used for decoration. Odin was the Santa. Children left out boots filled with hay for Odin’s 8-legged horse, in return for boots filled with toys, sweets and fruits.
  • For: 10-50 people (ask a quote for bigger groups)
  • Price: for max 15 people 129€ / person (min billing 10-15 people), for 16-50 people 119€ / person. Price includes a Viking meal.
  • Drinks and VAT will be added to the final bill.

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For extra fee:

  • Odin’s boat sauna (for 8 people) 250€
  • Wood-heated beach sauna from 100€
  • Chieftain Sigrid’s sauna (for 7 people) 350€
  • Viking helmet 20€
  • Accommodation and sea breakfast at Vimpasaari 120€/person
  • Hot tub rented and ready 195€

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