Vimpasaari property

Beautiful sea property

Close to Hamina center

Idyllic Vimpasaari property is located only 10 kilometers southeast of Hamina center and is easily reachable by car. Vimpasaari offers several meeting spaces, accommodation and evening activities for businesses, associations, family gatherings, sauna parties and hanging out with family and friends. Vimpasaari also functions as a port for those heading to our Rakinkotka island. We handle all sea trip primarily ourselves.

Meeting rooms and accommodation

Vimpasaari has several meeting rooms, wood-heated saunas, spacious glazed grill with a fabulous view of the sea, Lapinkota barbecue hut for 25 people as well as gorgeous beaches for swimming and a big hot tub for relaxing under the stars.

Quality local food

Delicious dinner parties and catering are possible in traditional archipelago style or wilder Viking style! Quality fresh produce is either ours or sourced from local farms. Beautiful presentation makes the experience all the more special.

For events, parties and hanging out

This big plot of land has two beach villas (Villa Vimpasaari and Sea Side House), log cabins from 19th century as well as charming Sea club that functions as meeting and hangout space.

Vimpa Club

For 10–60 people
This separate building that functions as meeting and hangout space is suitable for businesses, associations, organizations and even anniversary celebrations. We also organize Viking-themed dinners and other events here.

Big saunas for perfect evenings

For 6+ people
Spacious saunas in the yard are a perfect addition to any meeting or an evening together. Unique ship sauna right on the beach as well as traditional wood-heated sauna and fireplace room will charm any traveler.

Gorgeous outdoors and private marina

Vimpasaari shore has excellent opportunities for basking in the sun and swimming in the sea. Traditional outdoor games and competitions can be enjoyed in the big yard year-round. Massive breakwater, surrounded by marina, is suitable for even big (max 1,8m deep) vessels. Boarding the boats is therefore safe. In winter you can also try ice swimming.

Glazed grill and Lapinkota hut

Glazed grill in the yard is suitable for hanging out in the evening or even holding barbecue parties. Lapinkota hut sits 25 people and has enough heat to even for coldest of winters.