Vimpa Islands

Tailored nature and adventure travel in Gulf of Finland archipelago

We organize unforgettable, high-quality and safe business events, fishing trips, nature holidays and other unique experiences in Gulf of Finland archipelago, specifically Hamina.

Our nature is exceptionally beautiful and the sea clear. Millions of birds migrate during fall and spring right above us every year. We value ecology and it shows in how we build and how we live. Our delicious meals are prepared from local ingredients from our own fields, greenhouses, and the sea. Sheep and chicken roaming in Rakinkotka furthermore emphasize the authenticity of our eco-friendly village.

We’ve been serving our clients since 1997

Our points of operation are Vimpasaari, Rakinkotka and Vilniemi. All of them are amidst beautiful nature. Vilniemi and Vimpasaari can be reached by land and there is a car road leading to them. Rakinkotka is reachable by boat from Vimpasaari and the distance is about 7 km.

Rakinkotka island is self-sufficient when it comes to energy. It has a functional hybrid power plant that produces energy using sun and wind.