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Themed travel, rental cottages, fishing trips and business events in Hamina archipelago


Quality holiday villas, cottages and log cabins on the beach in Hamina

Corporate events

Event spaces and experiences in beautiful archipelago nature


Activities in nature and themed events for every occasion

Vimpa Islands

Unique holiday experiences, private parties and business events in Hamina

We offer quality events, experiences, accommodation, corporate events, and gastronomy experiences at our Vimpasaari villa as well as our private island Rakinkotka. We also organize Viking themed holidays, fishing and boating trips, as well as tours in nature and bird watching parties in gorgeous archipelago nature year-round.

Vimpasaari is located only a 10-minute drive away from Hamina center and from there, it is only a 15-minute boat ride to Rakinkotka pier.

We warmly welcome you to be our guest!

Business events and spaces near Hamina center

Business events, parties and sauna evenings in traditional or Viking style!

Here in Vimpasaari you can hold amazing corporate events full of unique experiences at either Vimpa Club or our beach villa Villa Vimpsaari. Delicious food can be enjoyed at Sea Terrace or Vimpa Club. Overnight stays are possible at the villa, Sea Side House or beach cabins. Smaller meetings can be held at Lapinkota (25 people) and big roofed beach barbecue. After a long day of meetings, nothing is better than relaxing in a boat sauna.

We offer ready-made corporate events, themed events, corporate Christmas parties as well as delicious Viking themed and archipelago meals for meetings and parties.

Unforgettable parties at beach villa Vimpasaari or Viking Island Rakinkotka

Here at Vimpa Island you can find anything you need for an unforgettable celebration: anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, corporate parties or any other occasion.

On mainland, your parties can be hosted at gorgeous beach villa Vimpasaari. For bigger events and full privacy, we recommend Rakinkotka, also known as the Isle of Vikings. Vimpasaari is only a 10-minute drive from Hamina center and from there, it’s a 15-minute boat trip to Rakinkotka. Rakinkotka also has a helicopter pad and can be reached by air in about 20 minutes from Helsinki.

We offer full event packages, from breakfast to five course dinners, Viking themed meals and barbecue parties. We’ll also gladly organize and cater the whole event.

Fishing, boating, and other experiences in gorgeous Hamina archipelago

We organize fishing trips, boat cruises, trips to nature and bird migration watching events in beautiful Hamina archipelago and Gulf of Finland. In summer you can enjoy water activities, Finnish sauna, swimming, and boating. In winter, there’s skiing, snow shoeing, ice golf, snow mobiles and even hovercraft rides. It’s endless fun year-round!

We also organize Viking themed experiences on nearby Rakinkotka island and mainland Vimpasaari property.

All activities can also be incorporated into meetings and business events. Our packages include corporate well-being events, Christmas parties, sauna evenings and delicious archipelago meals for all occasions.

Perfect for family parties, holidays in nature and simply being together

Experience Midsummer’s Eve in a private summer cottage, have an unforgettable beach wedding or host a unique Viking themed Christmas part, all while enjoying the company, delicious food, and drinks.

Here at Vimpa Islands, you will always stay right next to the beach, either at our Vimpasaari property or at our gorgeous private Rakinkotka island that is 27 hectares in size. Vimpasaari has quality villa accommodation, rental cottages as well as beach cabins. Rakinkotka has log cabins and holiday cottages that are perfect for groups of friends or several families travelling together.

We also offer delicious meals prepared from fresh, quality ingredients either foraged by us or sourced from local farms.

Come and relax in our beautiful nature!

Cottages, villas and cabins

Atmospheric cottages, beach villas and log cabins on mainland Vimpasaari property and Rakinkotka island.

Additional options


Ecological island for nature holidays, business events and Viking themed experiences

Rakinkotka is a gorgeous, 27-hectare island that is excellent for relaxing holidays in nature, Finnish sauna evenings, family parties and business events.

This private island is fully in our use and has an atmospheric historical village built on it, where we organize Viking themed events and experiences. A portion of the buildings is from the 19th century, while newer structures are built respecting tradition and island atmosphere.

Just because the island is eco-friendly, it doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for luxury holidays. It merely means all energy is sourced from sun and wind, and that all buildings have been built respecting the nature. It also means all meals are prepared from island’s own ingredients, picked in forests, fished from waters, or grown in fields.

Rakinkotka’s nature is exceptionally beautiful and gorgeous sea landscapes can be enjoyed from several terraces. The island is also suitable for birdwatching, as thousands of birds migrate right above the island.


Mahtava paikka. Aina tulee hyvälle tuulelle ja sielu lepää merimaisemassa. Uutuutena oli kiva viikinkipalju. -Eero Niskala

Erinomainen paikka kaikkeen kokoontumiseen ja juhlaan. – Kaj Lille

Erinomainen kokoustila upeassa saaristoluonnossa. Kokouksen päivällinen yllätti todella positiivisesti. Raaka-aineet suoraan omalta saarelta ja lähivesiltä. – Ilkka Kauppinen