Beautiful isle of Vikings

For unforgettable Viking-themed business events, dinner parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate parties and having fun with friends!

During Viking times, Finland was quite a unique area as its archipelago was used by the Vikings when they were travelling along the Eastern Road. Rakinkotka was along that route and the island even has an ancient Viking grave, signs of which can be found in the north-western parts of the island.

Viking-themed experiences

In exceptional Rakinkotka nature old Viking stories and ways of living come to life. Here we travel back in time to fabulous feasts at Viking chieftain table and the summit of Viking parliament.

Viking-themed corporate events offer togetherness, Viking-themed activities, relaxation in beach sauna with spectacular view of the sea, and truly delicious food served Viking style.

Or you can spend the entire day on the sea, enjoying beautiful landscape, catching fish and tasting delicious Viking-themes cuisine.

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