Business events

Corporate events and meeting spaces

In gorgeous Hamina archipelago

Here at Vimpa Islands, you can find meeting rooms for every need. We also organize themed dinners, either at mainland Vimpasaari or Rakinkotka island, also known as the Isle of Vikings. As all conference rooms are located in beautiful archipelago nature, surrounded by sea, they guarantee a relaxing but productive business event. And don’t forget traditional Finnish sauna that can be the grand finale.

Several rooms, all sorts of activities

We offer quality and safe activities to build team spirit and make your events all the more unforgettable. Each business package can be tailored for your exact needs, and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

In addition, there’s plenty of Viking and archipelago themed experiences, sauna and first-class meals. Five-course business dinners, finger food for conferences and barbecue parties are also possible. All conference rooms are fully equipped with modern and traditional tools. Hold your meetings in beautiful Hamina archipelago!

Business events at Vimpasaari property

Being just a 10-minute drive away from Hamine center, Vimpasaari is perfect for holding overnight meetings and corporate dinners in gorgeous sea nature year-round. For a more unique experiences, we offer Viking-themed dinners.

10–60 people

From 100 €/person

Viking Parliament meeting at Rakinkotka Isle of Vikings

Have an unforgettable business day in inspiring setting, along an ancient Viking route on a private island. Enjoy campfire glow and peaceful nature, experience the Viking route and spoil yourself with a delicious Viking Chieftain Ruhrig meal.

10–30 people

From 190 €/person

Meeting day at beach villa Vimpasaari

Villa Vimpasaari is perfect for a smaller, more intimate event with sauna to crown it at the end of the day. Available year-round, it is only a 10-minute drive from Hamina center. This beach villa has its own Mannerheim pub and sauna. Nearby Vimpa Club offers more space and also utilizes the outdoors.

10–15 people

From 100€/person

Business events at Rakinkotka

Meetings at beautiful, atmospheric Rakinkotka island can be held in inspiring nature or innovate Sea Club, both perfect for productivity. There is also space to finish the day with sauna and other evening activities. Sea trip to the island takes about 15-60 minutes, dependin on the group size.

10–70 people

From 120€/person

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