Beach villa with gorgeous view

Perfect for holidays, events, sauna evenings and dinner parties

Located in beautiful nature not far from Hamina center, this 240 sq. meter beach villa is suitable for any kind of holiday or event. It has its own beach and excellent fishing opportunities. Villa Vimpasaari can be reached by car.

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Space for company and spending time together

Cozy, spacious villa for families, couples and hanging out.

This two-story villa has four bedrooms, roofed terrace, open-plan kitchen, indoor and outdoor sauna as well as outdoor hot tub (outdoor sauna and hot tub for extra fee). Living room has a fireplace and downstairs there is a private, atmospheric Mannerheim pub. You can jump into the sea straight from the sauna or enjoy the clear air while relaxing in a hot tun under the starry sky.

Villa Vimpasaari is suitable for business events and celebrations

Villa Vimpasaari has everything you need to relax and enjoy while being surrounded by amazing nature year-round. In addition, there is a private Vimpa Club in the vicinity of the villa, where you can order a delicious dinner and even haven fun Viking-style!

Plenty of space to relax

in beautiful nature

Enjoy sunrises and sunsets from the large backyard or the beach and relax in this scenic paradise.

We also organize nature trips and activities, including fishing in local waters and boating in Hamina archipelago and Gulf of Finland.

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