Rakinkotka island

Gorgeous island in Hamina archipelago

For family vacations, business events and other celebrations

Rakinkotka is an exceptionally beautiful 27-hectare island not far from Hamina center. It’s perfect for business events, association gatherings, school trips, nature holidays, bird watching, family parties, sauna evenings and having fun with friends.

Short 15-minute boat trip from Vimpasaari, located near Hamina, is a lovely sea experience even for the busiest of people. The island is also accessible by helicopter. For example, flight from Helsinki takes only 20 minutes.

Beautiful, peaceful nature

We have built a historical, ecological village on the island to be enjoyed by our guests. The island itself has beautiful forest and sea landscapes, an ancient hiking route, a forest golf course and a bird watching tower. These landscapes can also be enjoyed from multiple piers and the shore.

For meetings and good company

Rakinkotka has several meetings rooms, a 3km long hiking path that is easy to walk on, an ancient Viking route full of activities and a playful forest golf, saunas with views of the sea, sandy beaches, restaurant and hanging out spaces, as well as unique accommodation for 60 people.

Meeting rooms and accommodation

The island has several meeting rooms, a spacious area around campfire, as well as accommodation in log cabins right on the shore. The island also has two large wood-heated saunas, a smoke sauna, good beach for swimming and a hot tub with a sea view.

Quality local food

Delicious dinner parties and catering are possible in traditional archipelago style or wilder Viking style! Quality fresh produce is either ours or sourced from local farms. Beautiful presentation makes the experience all the more special.

Respecting the nature ecologically

Rakinkotka has its own hybrid power plant, which we use to produce green energy from the wind and the sun. Respect for nature is also shown in buildings, all of which have been built respecting the island and its nature. Some of the buildings are from the 19th century, and some have been built from driftwood. For the rest of the materials we used old logs, planks and Thermowood.

For nature lovers and bird watchers

The island is also suitable for watching bird migrations and enjoying sea landscape from the bird-watching tower. You’re welcome to join us on an Arctic bird migration trip!

Saunas for corporate retreats and relaxation

Wood-heated saunas with perfect view of the sea, large hot tub, and sandy beach are an experience all on their own. Here, in salty sea water and hot sauna steam, even the busiest mind can finally relax.

Fishing in Hamina archipelago

Rakinkotka waters are suitable for fishing year-round. It’s possible to catch salmon, trout, whitefish, pike, zander, perch, bream, eel, and herring. Our kitchen specializes in preparing delicious meals from above mentioned fish and local produce, including vegetables grown on the island. Read more about fishing trips here.

Plenty to do in winter

Our winter activities include fishing, skiing, snow shoeing, snow mobiles, ice golf and a hovercraft. In winter, untouched nature, campfires and seal spotting are quite an activity on their own as well.

Viking-themed experiences

We organize several Viking-themed experiences on the island, as Rakinkotka was used by Vikings on their travels along the East Road.

Good night sleep in log cabins

Our small log cabins and cottages are all unique, hand carved, and decorated in traditional archipelago style. A portion of the cottages is suitable for corporate events. Check accommodation options here.

Here you forget the mundane

Rakinkotka is a safely short distance away from the mainland, so it is reached by boats that are safe and selected depending on weather conditions. In winter, we used hovercrafts and snow mobiles. Welcome to this beautiful island in Hamina archipelago!