Sustainable travel

This beautiful archipelago environment is important to us, and we want to protect and respect it

In practice it means that Rakinkotka island is fully ecological and almost completely self-sufficient, using green solar and wind energy.

Private hybrid power plant an ecological way of building

Rakinkotka has its own hybrid power plant, which we use to produce green energy from the wind and the sun. Respect for nature is also shown in buildings, all of which have been built respecting the island and its nature. Some of the buildings are from the 19th century, and some have been built from driftwood. For the rest of the materials we used old logs, planks and Thermowood.

Food from the land and local farms

A big portion of the meals we serve is prepared using quality ingredients that we have grown ourselves, picked in nearby forests or caught from the sea. In summer, there are sheep roaming the island and our hard-working staff will bring fresh organic eggs straight to your breakfast table. Rest of the ingredients is sourced from local farms.

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