Day as a Viking on Rakinkotka island

Spend an unforgettable day as a Viking on a beautiful Rakinkotka island in Hamina!

Experience something truly unforgettable in Hamina archipelago and spend a day as a Viking, relaxing by the campfire and living the way they used to. Spend time with your family and friends, try Viking-themed activities, relax in a Finnish sauna and feast like a Viking at chieftain Ruhrig’s table. Every delicious meal is prepared from local ingredients, either from nearby farms or straight from the sea.

Example of a trip

  • At 10, departure from Tervasaari in Hamina to Rakinkotka island on a safe Vikla ship, about 60 min.
  • At 11, welcoming speech from Harald upon landing, followed by a drink at chieftain’s house.
  • At 12, delicious lunch from Freija’s kitchen, consisting of archipelago-style fish soup, fresh country bread, and coffee and tea with something sweet. Then you get to know the island and its beautiful nature, as well as solve some interesting puzzles and tasks. You can also try cruising the sea waves on a Viking boat.
  • At 16, afternoon coffee with savory finger food around warm campfire.
  • At 17, sauna is hot and ready. Warm up in Rakirök’s unique rock sauna or chieftain Siegrid’s traditional wood-heated beach sauna. Jump into clear Viking waters straight from the heat and relax in a wooden hot tub on a terrace under Odin’s protection.
  • At 19, chieftain Ruhrig’s feast begins with a toast and a thank you to higher powers. Dinner consist of axed meat and speared fish, salad from wild vegetables, root vegetables steamed with honey and herbs, as well as rye bread. For dessert we have a special delicacy from Freija’s kitched, served with coffee and tea. Drink options include water, beer, red and white wine as well as Njord’s schnapps.
  • At around 21, departure back to mainland.

Rakinkotka has A-right to sell liquor.

Available: May to October

Duration:  about 10-11 h

For: 1-30 people (request a quote for a bigger group)

Price: from 220 € / person, minimum 10 people. Price includes sea trip from Tervasaari, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee, fish delicacy, traditional Finnish beach sauna, chieftain Ruhrig’s dinner, insurance.

For extra fee: Rakirök’s sauna in a rock for 490€. Viking helmet for 20€. Hot tub rented and ready for 195€. Viking boat cruise for 200€ per hour for 10 people.

Viking drink list

  • Robust tar snifter
  • Harald’s juniper and cranberry Napue shot
  • Odin’s storm in a glass
  • Njord’s schnapps that isn’t afraid of ice
  • Freya’s berry temptation

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