Meetings at Vimpasaari property

Located on mainland, only a 10-minute drive from Hamina center, this idyllic property is perfect for meetings, conferences and business dinners in gorgeous nature.

Every meeting package can be tailored to your specific needs.

Meeting day example

At 9.00, arrival at Vimpasaari. Morning coffee and tea with sweet or savory finger food.

Meeting at cozy Vimpa Club.

At 11.30, lunch consisting of delicious fish soup served with fresh bread. For dessert, oat and apple bake served with coffee and tea.

At 12.15, meetings continue.

At 14.00, afternoon coffee with something savory or sweet.

At 17.00, meetings come to a close.

Meeting equipment consists of Wi-Fi, projector with screen, flipchart and several group work spaces.

Available meeting spaces:

Meeting and evening hangout space at Vimpa Club (60 people)

Warm glass terrace with the view of the sea at Villa Vimpasaari (15 people)

Mannerheim pub (12 people)

Beach house (7 people)

In addition, there is a barbecue hut (25 people) and 4 saunas (fit 27 people at a time) in the yard.


Starting from 100 €/people

Price includes: meeting spaces during business days between 8.00 and 17.00, morning coffee and tea, meeting equipment, lunch, afternoon tea and coffee

For extra fee:

  • Carbonated and alcoholic drinks (A-license)
  • Extra activities, such as sea spinning starting at 20 €/person/hour
  • Evening program after the meeting starting at 60 €/person (for example, archipelago or Viking-style dinner)
  • Saunas: 250€
  • Hot tub: 195 € (8 people)
  • Accommodation starting from 120 €/person, includes breakfast (VAT 10 %)

24 % VAT will be added to the final bill

Available: year round

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Viking drink list

  • foaming honey beer
  • Robust tar snifter
  • Harald’s juniper and cranberry Napue shot
  • Odin’s storm in a glass
  • Njord’s schnapps that isn’t afraid of ice
  • Freya’s berry temptation

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