Viking Parliament at Rakinkotka

Spend an unforgettable meeting day in inspiring nature, right next to an ancient Viking route in Hamina archipelago.

Enjoy the warm glow of the campfire, feel the history of the place and spoil yourself with chieftain Ruhrig’s Viking feast.

All meeting rooms come with necessary equipment and wireless internet. Several working rooms for 4-12 groups.

Meeting day example

  • Departure at 9.00 from Vimpasaari (10-minute drive from Hamina center) or Tervasaari in Hamina
  • Boat trip to Rakinkotka, 20 to 60 minutes depending on where you depart from
  • Viking chieftain Harald’s welcome upon landing, followed by morning coffee around fire
  • The parliament can then gather for a meeting at Birka’s house
  • Lunch at 12.00, consisting of Freya’s fish or meat soup, or Viking-style pea soup with smoked meat, prepared on open fire, served with rye bread
  • Parliament meeting continues at Birka’s house or in gorgeous, ancient nature
  • In the afternoon, Dagmar’s hot drinks
  • Meetings continue
  • Meeting day ends with the tasting of Njord’s fish catch of the day, served with refreshing Rakinkotka Wild Viking beer
  • Get to know the island and its nature by completing Viking-themed puzzles and tasks, learning Viking history and way of living at the same time
  • At 18.00, saunas are hot and ready. Options are Rakirök’s smoke sauna in a rock and Siegrid’s traditional wood-heated beach sauna. Clear sea waters are perfect for swimming. In addition, there is a hot tub on a terrace under Odin’s protection. Towels provided.
  • At 20.00, Viking Chieftain Ruhrig’s dinner feast is served:
    • Starter examples: Siegrid’s forest mushroom soup or seasonal vegetable soup or cured fish board with country bread
    • Main course: axed, cured or smoked pork, speared fish, Åskorv’s sausage, Knut The Great’s mustard, wild vegetable salad, root vegetables steamed with honey and herbs, preserved red onions and rye bread
    • Dessert: pancakes from fresh eggs, served with forest berry jam, coffee and tea
    • Drink options: water, beer, red and white wine, schnapps. The island has A-license.

Viking drink list

  • Robust tar snifter
  • Harald’s juniper and cranberry Napue shot
  • Odin’s storm in a glass
  • Njord’s schnapps that isn’t afraid of ice
  • Freya’s berry temptation


May to October

Duration: 13 hours

For: 1-30 people (ask for a quote for bigger groups)

Price: from 220€ / person, minimum billing for 10 people. Price includes sea trips from Vimpasaari or Tervasaari, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee, fish delicacy, traditional beach sauna, chieftain Ruhrig’s dinner, insurance. Drinks and VAT will be added to the final bill.

For extra fee: Rakirök’s smoke sauna in rock for 490€. Viking helmet 20€. Accommodation and sea-style breakfast on isle of Vikings for 139€ / person. Hot tub prepared for 195€. Viking rowing boat trip 200€/hour for 10 people.

Drinks and VAT will be added to the final bill.

Please contact us for more information! We can modify this package to suit your needs and timetable.

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We can accommodate up to 60 people in our cottages. The island has plenty to see and to do, including a private sunny, sandy beach for a perfect retreat. There is also a bird-watching tower, from where you can see a sea eagle that has built a nest on the island; ancient Viking tomb and a 18th century quarry.

Cottage price includes sea trips to the island and back, sea-style breakfast, linens and towels, as well as a rowing boat.

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