Arctic bird migration

The mass migration of Arctic birds, also known as Arktika, is one of the most beautiful spectacles in nature. From our Rakinkotka island, you get to watch it from a perfect clearing.

Price: 1 day for 240€, 2 days for 470€ and 4 days for 750€

For: min 12 and max 60 people

Package includes breakfast and meals, sauna, insurance, boat trip to the island and overnight stay.

Time period: May

  • Gathering at Vimpasaari in Hamina, reachable by car. Boat trip to Rakinkotka, about 15 minutes.
  • Time and place are essential to witness the migration. Rakinkotka is a perfect place due to its location. Depending on the spring, you can see some of the best bits of the migration.
  • The destination is a 27-hectare sized Rakinkotka island, about 7 km from the mainland. There is a wonderful eco village built on the island, with accommodation for about 60 people, meeting rooms, rock sauna and traditional sauna. You can sit down around the campfire for an evening with songs.
  • The island has excellent opportunities for fishing and tasting delicacies straight from the sea.
  • Rakinkotka has been a popular destination for nature travel, unique experiences, fishing, and business events since 2002.

Program depending on the weather and the migration:

  • Morning watch between 5AM – 11AM
  • Possibility to take a boat cruise to a fishing village in Tammio during the day
  • Watching the evening migration between 5PM and 9PM
  • Timetable is prone to change, depending on the weather and bird activity. Before the end of the trip, we hold a little photo competition and award the person who spotted most bird species.
  • Should it be raining during the trip, we can instead look at bird pictures and get to know more about Arktika.
  •  The evening is spent eating delicious archipelago-style meal, with songs and music being part of the deal.
  • There will be photography and bird experts on the trip.


  • The trip cost starts from 240€ per day, 470€ for 2 days and 750€ for 4 days (requiring a minimum of 12 and maximum of 60 people)
  • The package includes breakfast and meals, wood-heated beach sauna, insurance, boat trip to the island and back, as well as accommodation for the night. VAT not included.
  • Rock sauna and Viking-themed boat available for extra charge.
  • The island has A-rights and drinks will be added to the cost.
  • Please contact us if you want to stay at a cottage or you would prefer a daytrip.


  • Be prepared for a chilly weather. Even if the air temperature is warm, the sea is usually only a few degrees above zero. So it’s recommended to dress for winter, or at least be prepared for it. You can loan waterproof overalls, if needed.
  • It is preferable to have your own optical equipment, but if you do not have a telescope, you can rent one from the organizers.

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