Daytrip to Rakinkotka

Experience being close to nature in atmospheric island village in Rakinkotka. It offers excellent opportunities for unforgettable moments with friends, coworkers and business partners.

Rakinkotka island has unique and versatile nature, including an alder grove, steep cliffs, green meadows, beaches that are calling you to step into the sea, a hiking path that curves the island, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation, sports and simply being together.

Trip duration: 5-9 hours

For: 10-150 people

Daytrip example

  • At 10, we depart for the trip on boats from either Vimpasaari in Hamina or Tervasaari. The trip takes about 20 to 60 minutes. Upon arrival we enjoy welcome drinks and the owner of the island will give a short introduction of the island and its history. Before moving to the main activities, it’s possible to enjoy a savory lunch and coffee outdoors.
  • At 11.30, main activities include a guided hiking trip around the island, forest golf in alder grove or fun competitive games in Elmolandia, including slingshots, archery and darts. The island also has a bird watching tower, from which you can see a gorgeous view of the gulf, all the way to the big sea.
  • In May you can see one of the most amazing occurrences from the tower: the mass migration of Arctic birds. Fall migration is quite spectacular as well.
  • Different types of fishing are possible either on the sea or from the land.
  • At 14, we suggest a refreshing swim in the sea and traditional Finnish sauna or a unique rock sauna.
  • At 15, a delicious archipelago meal is served in beautiful Kaivohuone.
  • Duration: 5-9 hours
  • For: 10-150 people
  • Price: ask for a quote

We recommend following menus:

  • Menu 1) delicious tomato-basil soup, smoked salmon or grilled freshly caught fish, steamed root vegetables, salad, potatoes, and fresh country bread.
  • Menu 2) archipelago-style fish soup and fresh country bread.
  • Both menus include dessert consisting of coffee, tea and house special pastry.

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