Accommodation in picturesque nature

The idyllic Vimpa Island farm is situated 10 km south-east from the centre of Hamina and is reachable by car.

At Villa Vimpa Island we have a heated glass porch, which is an excellent space for dining or meetings all year around. The main house has a cosy and unique Mannerheim pub. The courtyard has heated log cabins from the 17th century and a charming Sea Club, which functions as meeting or evening entertainment space.

We can also offer great possibilities for swimming and sunbathing. A large breakwater, which surrounds the marina, is suitable even for large boats, max. 1,8 m depth. Wintertime is great for ice-swimming.

Our glaced barbecue area and Laplander's hut seating 25 persons provide exotic experiences with winter sea views. We also can offer a Ship sauna right at the beach, the wooden sauna and living room with fire place. The Vimpa Island courtyard and surrounding area offer several traditional yard play possibilities.