Herring dinner party

Herring has always been an integral part of archipelago cuisine. It is eaten salted, boiled, fried, smoked and charred on both holidays and regular days.

Price: from 85€ / person, VAT 0%

For: max 60 people

Time: September to December

What makes a good herring dinner party?

It’s all about hospitality. It’s an honor when guests are enjoying themselves. The table is bursting with food and drinks. The conversation doesn’t stop. And the glasses keep raising, rarely without a toast. Songs and instruments are also part of the deal. Singing together is a big part of the evening. It’s not uncommon to start dancing too. Having fun is a skill all Karelians are exceptional at. The evening is made all the more fun with a variety of games and competitions.

At the dinner party, we serve a variety of local herring delicacies, such as stuffed herring, herring casserole, sardines, pickled herring, salmon and graved herring. There is also root vegetables, Rakinkotka potatoes and fresh country bread.

For dessert, we have cheesecake and coffee or tea.

This dinner party is an excellent choice for a corporate Christmas party.

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