Authentic island cabin

For nature holidays, fishermen and relaxing in nature

Built in 19th century and moved to the island, this authentic, beautifully restored cabin is located in Hamina archipelago, on Rakinkotka island, a mere 15-minute boat drive from our Vimpasaari property.

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For nature holidays and relaxation

Authentic historical log cabin in beautiful nature

Located in naturally beautiful archipelago, this small log cabin has two rooms, a sunny terrace, a small kitchen alcove and fireplaces in both rooms. The cottage comes with a rowing boat and nearby waters are full of fish. Fishing can also be done from the many piers on the island!

Known as the Isle of Vikings, Rakinkotka is suitable for all ages

Vikings used Rakinkotka while travelling on the East Road ja there’s even one Viking grave on the island. With its gorgeous nature, the island is perfect for not only holidays, but also Viking-themed experiences. You too can go on a picnic along an ancient road or compete at Viking-themed forest golf.

Green energy from the sun and the wind

Atmospheric historical island village of Rakinkotka sources its energy from the sun and the wind. This respect for nature shows also in the buildings, as all of them are built respecting the archipelago and its atmosphere. Some of the buildings are from the 19th century and some have been built from the wood that has been damaged by the storms.

Delicious meals from the island itself

Most of the meals served are prepared from high-quality ingredients that we ourselves have picked in Rakinkotka forests, grown on our own fields or caught from local waters. In summer, you can spot sheep and our working ladies will bring fresh organic eggs straight from our chickens to your breakfast table. If we need ingredients from outside the island, we source them from local farms only.

Finnish sauna relaxes body and mind

Wood-heated beach sauna seats 10 people at once. Traditional smoke sauna twice as many. But the real treat is the outdoor hot tub, where in addition to the spectacular view, you can also admire the starry night sky. Hot tub can seat up to 8-10 people at once. Cool down afterwards at the terrace or in the salty sea waters, better than any spa.

Space to relax alone or with friends

Rakinkotka is a gorgeous 27-hectare island, where you can relax next to the sea. In spring and fall you can watch birds migrate right over the island, but the nature can be enjoyed any time, even just by being on the island.

We also organize nature trips and activities, including fishing in local waters and boating in Hamina archipelago and Gulf of Finland. You are more than welcome to fish on your own as well, and every cottage of ours comes with a rowing boat.

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